Teamwork is how real difference is achieved. With our partners we are working to make LMC sustainable and successful.

Kacheera Camp is a wildlife education facility specifically geared to getting youth out and about in nature. Programmes run at the Camp range from curriculum specific courses to bush summer camps. All courses aim to give students a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world as well as provide them with an experience of personal growth. Their environmental ethos is our environmental ethos, all projects work and in hand with the Camp.

GCF is the only NGO in the world which solely works to conserve and manage giraffe populations in the wild. GCF supports LMC through technical knowledge, equipment and funding.

Lake Mburo Community Guides Association

A community led initiative, this association develops local guides to promote tourism on private land where wildlife is still abundant. They encourage their community to preserve and live alongside wildlife by demonstrating the benefits of such actions.

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