Project objectives

  1. Remove the health hazard of burning plastic waste in communities.
  2. Improve ecosystem health.
  3. Foster a community spirit towards the care of their environment.
  4. Reduce construction costs through alternative Ecobrick building practices.

An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with clean and dry plastic which can be used again and again as a building block. Ecobricking is a cradle to cradle process. If packed properly, this brick can be used in construction but crucially can be re-used even if the construction is demolished. Through good Ecobricking practices and alternative building methods, an Ecobrick’s lifetime is almost limitless.

Plastic waste is collected, cleaned, dried then stuffed in to bottles to a certain density. It may take a household more than a month to fill an Ecobrick depending on their plastic consumption. Once packed the Ecobrick can be stored away from sunlight until a project needs it.

These Ecobricks will be used on construction projects both at the camp and in the community. Projects can range from small scale such as building benches and garden beds to the large-scale construction of buildings.

Ecobricking has been practiced at Kacheera Camp since 2018. The project was expanded to a local primary school, St. Steven’s in 2019. We aim to use the school’s success with Ecobricks as an example to the community to help the practice expand in the area.

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